Product Description

Maffs Pumps pvt ltd has a wide range of Agriculture Submersible Pumps ,that suit various kinds of user requirements. The high lights of our pumps are compact ability, easy and quick installation and low maintenance. Our special features includes continues operation, greater efficiencies extremely quiet operation and high working pressure.

Parts with Material

Sr. No. Part's Name Material
1 Couple  S.S-410
2 Intermediate Piece C.I (FG-200)
3 Pump Shaft S.S-410
4 distance sleeve P. P
5 Intermediate plate P. P
6 impeller P. P
7 stage casing P. P
8 pump jacket S.S-410
9 counter washer S.S-410
10 counter bearing bush  L.T.B - 4 
11 discharge out let C.I (FG-200)
12 upper sleeve S.S-410
13 top washer S.S-410
14 allen bolt S.S-410
15 N.R.V body C.I (FG-200)


Sr. No. Part's Name Material
1 rubber seal cap  nitrile
2 S.S cap C.I (FG-200)
3 upper brg housing S.S-410
4 oil seal P. P
5 upper bearing bush P. P
6 rotor P. P
7 balance ring P. P
8 alluminium (dia cast) S.S-410
9 rotor stamping S.S-410
10 stator tube  L.T.B - 4 
11 lower brg housing C.I (FG-200)
12 lower brg bush S.S-410
13 trust pad S.S-410
14 trust bearing S.S-410
15 rocker support C.I (FG-200)
16 motor base C.I (F.G-200)


Model Types / Specification

v4-pump-assembly-nr4 v4-pump-assembly-nr4

Product Salient Features

  • Confirm to IS 8034: 2002
  • Energy Efficient Pumpsets
  • Easy to Dismantle and Repair
  • Available from 0.5 to 5 HP in S.P and T.P
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Trouble-free Operation
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Applications: Domestic, Industrial, Sprinklers, Agriculture, High Rise Buildings, Drip Irrigation
  • Special Options

  • Also available in NEMA standard.
  • Complete SS construction for seawater.

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