solar-pumps Product Description - Submersible Solar Pumps

These pumps can lift the water up to 650 feet and fit within a big well. Whenever the water deepness in the well is above 20 feet from the surface then these pumps can work straightly turn off batteries, solar panels, otherwise power source in some cases. Generally, water is pumped throughout the day as the sun is shining & the water is stored in a tank for utilize whenever required. It is suggested to store the water only in a good weather condition because if the weather is not good then the water will not pump. These types of pumps mainly used in places wherever water is accessible at a larger depth & wherever open wells do not exist. The highest suggested depth for pumping is 50 meters.

We offers a wide range of solar submersible pumps ranging from 1 HPto 50 HP. A solar submersible pump has a mini powerhouse at its heart and consists of a calibrated and matching solar array of modules tuned with the equivalent power of pump for that particular application. The solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps with applications varying from irrigation to household demands. We also provide hybrid solar pump which can run on both the solar and electric power.

Solar Pump Functional Methodology


Solar pump definition is, as the name suggests the pump uses solar energy to function. Solar-pumps are robust, installation is simple, minimum maintenance is necessary and very expensive when we compare with normal water pumps. The life span of these pumps is a maximum of 20 years. But time to time the solar panels need to be cleaned for running.

The solar pump block diagram mainly includes a solar panel, water pump, electric motor, and controller. This pump is basically an electrical pump, and this pump uses the electricity which is received from the solar panels to work. These panels store the energy from the solar. The electric motor manages the alternating current or direct current. The controller used in this system adjusts the output power as well as speed.

When the solar energy drops sun rays on the PV panels then the solar panel converts the rays into electrical energy with the help of Si wafers fixed within the PV panels. Then the solar energy supplies to the electrical motor to operate the pumping system using cables. By the revolution of the shaft which is fixed to the pump, then the pump begins to pick up the soil water and supplies to the fields.

Salient Features

  • Can be used for any type of Motor or Pump loads
  • Available in S HP capacity range
  • Motor can accept both solar and grid input
  • Environment friendly
  • Economic solution with proven technology based on variable speed drive
  • Less power consumption
  • Long service life
  • High functionality

  • Solar Pump System and Its Usage

    Solar Pump System consists of Solar Inverter, Water Pump and PV array. This system or instrument is particularly used for residential areas and irrigation, desen control, livestock breeding, to let water reach islands, water treatment plan etc. Solar Pump Inverter helps pump to run neatly and smoothly. It also reduces costs of instrument and its maintenance. 3 phase AC motor runs water pump. This pump either draws water from deep wells, rivers and lakes for pouring it in tanks/ponds or is been joined directly through irrigation/fountain systems.

    Solar Pump Application

  • Irrigation
  • Domestic & Industrial Water Supply
  • Residential Areas
  • Livestock Breeding
  • Fountains
  • Sprinkler Systems

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    Solar Pump Spare Parts

    Submersible Pump Parts: Submersible Pump Control Panels, Submersible Pump Pipe, Submersible Pump Impeller, Submersible Pump Bush, Submersible Pump Bowls, Submersible Pump Motor Body, Submersible Pump Shaft, Submersible Pump Coupling. Manufacturer and Developer of Pump and Pumps Spares As per customer Requirements Equivalent to any National and International Brand.Spare Parts:- Casing, Impeller, Gland, Shaft, Bearing Bracket, Support Foot, Gland Packing, Mechanical Seal, Gasket etc.