• Paper pulp industries.
  • Food, Sugar, Salt industries.
  • Organic/inorganic chemicals, volatile, liquids, corrosive, chemicals,caustic process, effluent, filter press, slurry application.
  • Pharmaceutical, dyes, textiles, kerosene, diesel and other solvents.
  • ETP, STP & waste water treatment plant, fertilizers, cement and steel industries.
  • For Pumping chemicals, with solids in suspension polluted liquids.
  • Hot and Cold water.
  • Features

    Graded casting & EN-8/SS 316/SS-410 Shaft increases service life. Minimum ned for inspection and maintenance because greased for life, external lubrication. Drive option of electric motor, coupled or best drive version or by Petrol/Diesel engine. Perfect sealing assured by high quality mechanical seal which can not run dry because of in-pump oil reservoir

    Material of Construction

  • Impeller Cast iron/ SS -316, SS - 304/ Bronze or as per request
  • Pump Casting Cast iron/ SS -316, SS - 304/ Bronze or as per request
  • Shaft EN - 8 / SS - 316, SS - 304 OR as per request
  • Mechanical Seal Carbon Vs. Ceramic / Tc Vs. Tc with NBR / Viton / PTF
  • Design

  • Perfect self priming action with maximum suction head of 6 meters.
  • Back pullout design, simplifies inspection and maintenance.
  • Imellers with wider flow passage avoid clogging and can handle solids up to 24 mm diameter
  • Compact, light weight and yet rugged construction.
  • Range

  • Capacity : Up to 270 mᶟ/hr
  • Head : Up to 57 Mt.
  • Suction Head : Up to 6 Mt.
  • Solids : Up to 24 mm Dia
  • Diagram & Images

    mscp-series mscp-series